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After several years of on-line activity the passion remains the same. We love detail in design, coding solutions and promote business on-line. We continue to deliver awesome results, think out of the box and work on projects of high demand.

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The evolution of technology and marketing, is something that we simply can’t ignore. We practice on new technologies and methodologies, we gain knowledge on anything new related to the web and we thrive when it all comes to action.

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We respect our clients’ needs and we honour their choice to work with us, by showing responsibility, honesty and effectiveness. We provide consultancy services, full support and fast response to your messages.

Do you struggle each time you create a post? Let us take over!!!





Website Development

In Tripoctopus we develop and support websites, custom on-line applications, e-shops and projects in WordPress (including custom themes).


We undertake all the basic actions to keep you started. Tripoctopus provides you with domain registration, hosting solution based on your project needs, setup of e-mail accounts.


Astonishing web designs and printing material. We create logos that perfectly describe you or/and your business. Create ads with banners designed from us.


Efficient online advertising with Google and Facebook Ads. Being effective with Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics monitoring and contests.


We can teach you to code, train you to use your e-shop, show you how to read your statistics from Google Analytics and guide you through marketing basics.


We will improve your website speed, identify coding and design errors, record your users' activity and help you extract suitable keywords.

Tripoctopus can definitely provide you with the best solution. Just ask!!!

We can post regularly, on your behalf!!!

Get rid of the headache of what to say and how to present it. We can do that for you. We are in contact with you, in order to promote events, special offers and corporate news.

Custom Applications

We like to think out of the box and we accept the challenges. Custom solutions require good knowledge of specialty and the willingness to go beyond of what is known. In Tripoctopus we have developed solutions on Open Data and recently started a traveling guide project with a high level of originality.

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Interaction with the customer is critical. We succeed together.